Mindful supplements

Purahealth is a proudly modern Australian wellness company that passionately advocates and supports a mindful approach to health – by celebrating simplicity and experience, appreciating the value of beauty and balance, and encouraging heart-felt purpose.

Our thoughtfully created capsule collection of health supplements are complimentary to a well considered lifestyle and address some of today's most prevalent health concerns including cardiovascular health and digestive health. Our products  are backed by science and made in Australia using the highest quality ingredients and sans unnecessary inclusions. 

Reshaping supplements from the inside out.

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Purahealth is dedicated to bringing a new level of transparency and purity to the Australian health supplement market in 2019. With the backing of our community, that's you, and through our crowd sourced funding campaign we are set to develop a clean, vegan and plant-based product range that eliminates all synthetic binders and fillers. To find out more, head to our investor relations page and see how you can get involved.
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